Water Heater Installation

Hot Water Tank in AtticIt’s very important that any new water heater gets installed correctly; otherwise, you might well have performance issues down the road. When you’re thinking of purchasing a new water heater, and you live in the area around Mt Vernon, Ferndale, or Bellingham, Washington, the company you should contact for installation is Chuckanut Plumbing. Our experienced professionals are well-trained and have years of experience in the proper installation of all kinds of water heaters, so you can be sure that the job will be done right, the first time.

You never can tell when you might have a problem with your water heater, and plenty of homeowners have been shocked to find a pool of water next to their water heater one day and then to realize they have no hot water in the household. Most of the time, failures are completely unpredictable with water heaters unless you have an older unit, and then you might expect a failure at any time. When your water heater undergoes an unexpected outage, contact us at Chuckanut Plumbing, so we can quickly come to your residence to diagnose the issue.

If repair work gets your water heater back online quickly, that may be the best option. Our technicians will be glad to advise you on the best course of action, given the condition of your water heater. If it turns out that replacing the unit will be the most prudent and economical option, we’ll tell you so, but the final decision will always be up to you. In the event that a complete replacement is the best option, we can provide you with quite a few options and models, at least a few of which will be perfectly suited to your household needs.

Why should you choose Chuckanut Plumbing?

First of all, we’re a local plumbing contractor, and we live and work in the Bellingham area, just like you do. Our technicians are your neighbors, and they all have a community spirit which is evident in their commitment to excellence on the job. They are motivated to provide top-notch service to people in the community, just as though every household was their own, and they were making repairs or doing installations in their own homes. Experience counts for a lot in the plumbing business, and that kind of know-how comes into play on every job undertaken by our specialists, which is why you can trust them to get it right.

Our service personnel is all licensed and insured, so you can be sure they aren’t part of some fly-by-night operation. They are reliable and highly skilled, and those are the kinds of individuals you want working in your home. A water heater is a considerable investment for any family, and you need to know that you’re getting full value for your investment and that it will continue to provide great service for years. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with Chuckanut Plumbing on having any repairs or installations done on your home’s water heater.

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