Drain and Sewer Cleaning Using Pressure Water System

Whether it’s for home or a place of business, drainage line clogs make it impossible to work until they are cleared. It is quite impossible to escape a sewer clog. Over time, however, cautious you are, you will get your main sewer line clogged for one reason or another. The problem could start from your drain lines and naturally proceed to your main sewer line. The most common causes of this blockage are;

  • Flushing sanitary towels down your toilet.
  • Dumping large quantities of debris into the garbage disposal.
  • Pouring oil and grease down your drain. The grease and oil may be liquid at the point of disposal but will solidify and have your drain clogged.
  • Roots from trees protrude into your sewer lines causing them to block the flow of sewer drainage.
  • Older homes may have sewer lines build of cast iron which collapses or breaks with time.
  • Oil and ice build-ups-Over the years that your lines have been underground, the earth may have entered and blocked the sewer lines.

Weather elements such as ice blocks may also be culprits.

When this happens, it is advisable for a person not to attempt any DIY in the name of saving cost and time. This is because what started as a simple leak may end up being an expensive affair that may require a major sewer repair. The best thing to do is always to call an expert who will assess the cause of the damage and issue viable solutions.

Effective methods of unblocking a clogged drain or sewer line:

One of the most efficient methods of drain cleaning is by using a jetted water system. This approach can unblock the toughest of blocks, from grease build-ups to ice blockades, this clean-up process can flush out blocks of a width of 2-12 inches. This jetting used water and pressure to drain a water pipe and carry out a thorough grease removal exercise.
The water jet is designed to use state-of-the-art technology. It has a 30 hp with an electric pressure flow of 11GPM at 4000 PSI that makes it possible to transport water to flush out the built-up grease, with capabilities of unclogging up to 12 inches of thickness. This pressure will dislodge thick blocks of ice, soil, and grease to leave your pipes breathable and functional. This technology is useful both at homes and in large enterprises where there’s a possibility of such build-ups, such as in restaurants, schools, and office complexes.

Cost and time Implication:

Using a pressure water system as your drain cleaning method is the most cost-efficient and time-saving.
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